Digital Leadership

Disruptive MINDS. Driving the NEXT POINT of INFLECTION.

We pride ourselves in proving THOUGHT LEADERSHIP across multiple DOMAINS with our proven track, experience, expertise as well as strategic partnerships which has helped us to broad base our presence across APAC, MEAN and NORDICS. We are headquartered in Colombo, Sri Lanka with regional offices in Dubai as well as Qatar and have well aligned GTM partnerships in many countries to create an sustain value for YOU.

This is core to our promise in creating a PARTNERSHIP with YOU to be able to COLLABORATE with you with an objective to help you CO-INNOVATE and CO-CREATE your future.

We pride in marrying the BEST PRATICES to NEXT PRACTICES.

It's very vital for organizations to keep driving INNOVVATION by means of creating the NEW or NEXT NORMAL whilst embracing BEST PRACTICES and creating the NEXT PRACTICES to be relevant in the DATA DRIVEN, EXPERIENCE economy.

Thought Leaders

Thought Leadership

Strategic Partnerships

Domain Expertise

Customer Success

Have a DISRUPTIVE MIND? Be a part of our TEAM and make a DIFFERENCE.

We are always on the LOOKOUT for PEOPLE who can CHALLENGE the STATUS QUO and help us EXPAND our HORIZON to SERVE our CUSTOMERS better. If you feel you fit the BILL, sign up to John Keells IT Talent Community